Importance of Podiatry in the elderly

Podiatry is the health profession that is responsible for everything related to the feet, including research, prevention, and treatment.

Podiatry in the geriatric field responds to a need. The elderly are a population group with a high prevalence of foot-related disorders.

Periodic reviews by a podiatrist are essential to improve the quality of life of our members. From the advice in choosing the right footwear for each situation, to the treatment of ulcers, through the removal of hardnesses and helomas, as well as an adequate cut of the nails.

Podiatry is especially important for people with diabetes.

Podiatry becomes vitally important in those who have diabetes, so it is essential to pay special attention to the feet when you have this disease.

It is essential to treat the problems of the feet in the case of those who have diabetes, because, although foot care is always key to the health of any person, it is known that people with diabetes are at higher risk rates to develop certain problems. Recent studies show, for example, that up to 34% of these people can develop foot ulcers.

From the podiatry service at Mercedes Medical Centers, we seek to improve, as far as possible, the health of our members’ feet first and foremost, the prevention of future injuries, especially in diabetic patients.

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