• The risks of self medication

    The risks of self medication

    Multiple factors converge in this dangerous habit and that can have negative consequences. More and more people are turning to self medication in order to treat pain or counteract a nuisance. Among the most used are the remedies for heartburn and muscle relaxants. What is called self medication? By definition, it refers to the use

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  • Causes and symptoms of a urinary tract infection

    Causes and symptoms of a urinary tract infection

    General description  A urinary tract infection is an infection that occurs anywhere in the urinary tract: the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Most infections occur in the lower urinary tract (bladder and urethra). Women are more likely to get a urinary infection than men. The infection that is limited to the bladder can be painful

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  • Adequate food for people with arthritis

    Adequate food for people with arthritis

    Eating healthy foods is essential for everyone. If you have arthritis, getting the right nutrients can affect your health in a positive way and help relieve the symptoms of the disease. Overweight increases inflammation. In addition, for each pound of excess weight, a pressure of four additional pounds is exerted on the stiff and swollen

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  • What is World Diabetes Day?

    What is World Diabetes Day?

    World Diabetes Day (DMD) is the most important diabetes awareness campaign in the world. It was established by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1991, in response to the alarming increase in diabetes cases worldwide. In 2007, the United Nations celebrated this day for the first time following the

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  • Benefits of socializing for the elderly

    Benefits of socializing for the elderly

    The benefits of socialization and the establishment of interpersonal relationships in the elderly are essential to avoid their social isolation and consequently improve their physical and emotional well-being. In the Wellness Centers of Las Mercedes Clinic, the elderly can perform exercises that help them face the day with greater optimism, as well as develop activities

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  • Skincare for the elderly

    Skincare for the elderly

    The skin also ages over time. It gets thinner, loses fat and wrinkles form. Spots appear and skin appendages are formed, which are excrescences of skin that rise above the rest of the skin. Bruises also form more easily and wounds take longer to heal which is why skincare is so important at this age.

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