• Specialists

    In MERCEDES MEDICAL CENTERS you will be able to find a large number of specialists certified by the Board under the same roof, ready to attend and assist you as you deserve.

    Cardiology / General Surgery / Dermatology / Stomatology / Gastroenterology / Gynecology / Pain management / Nephrology / Pulmonologist / Neurology / Nutrition / Dentistry / Ophthalmology / Optometry / Podiatrist / Psychiatry / Chiropractor / Radiology / Urology / Oncology / Hematology

  • Dental Care

    Dental care is essential for patients to have a comfortable and better quality of life, also to help detect and prevent diseases such as gingivitis, diabetes, and digestive problems among many others; in each Mercedes Medical Centers, you will find a dental clinic fully equipped with the most modern and latest technology.

  • Eye Care

    The eyes are very vulnerable to many diseases, especially when we have 60 years old and up.

    At Mercedes Medical Centers, we are concerned that our patients have the best care for their eyesight with the best group of ophthalmologists in the Miami area.

    In each of our medical centers, you can find an optical center with a wide selection of lenses and frames from different designers to meet the different tastes and needs of our patients.

  • Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is a health discipline that offers a non-pharmacological therapeutic alternative to diagnose, prevent and treat symptoms of multiple ailments, both acute and chronic, through therapeutic massages, hot or cold modalities, light, water, infrared treatment, acupuncture, manual techniques and electrical stimulation among others.

    In Mercedes Medical Centers, we are focused on your quality life so we have advanced technology and certified professionals that will help you to enhance and increase your mobility, alleviating all kinds of ailments.

  • Rehabilitation Therapy

    Rehabilitation therapy is a branch of medicine that aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities.

    Mercedes Medical Centers has highly trained physicians who specialize in restoring optimal function to people with injuries to the muscles, bones, ligaments, or nervous system.

  • Diagnostic studies and laboratory

    Mercedes Medical Centers diagnostic and laboratory centers have the latest technology to perform a wide variety of medical examinations; these will help the physician to diagnose and decide the best treatment that our patients should receive. Among some of our services you can find:

    • Digital X-rays
    • Laboratory tests: Blood work and chemistry testing.
    • EKG – Echocardiogram
    • Ultrasound

    If you perform your medical exams in our laboratories, you will avoid lines or long waiting times, some of these tests can be performed during your consultation at the physicians’ offices and offer quick and accurate results.

  • Pharmacy

    Mercedes Medical Centers protect the needs of their patients, so that, we spare no effort to offer a first-class service, such as having their medical prescriptions (medical formula) on time giving them peace of mind.

    Mercedes Medical Centers has its centralized pharmacy, for that reason, we provide our patients with a fast and efficient delivery service of medicines at their home and free of charge in 24 hours and deliver the same day when it is an emergency.

    With us, you forget the endless lines and trips to the pharmacy; we do all this for you.

  • Transportation

    We know how stressful it can be to get around the city; our strategically placed vehicles are ready to pick up our patients and bring them to our medical centers.

    For this, we have buses equipped with the latest technology, where drivers are in constant communication with patients, specialists, and the different venues, ensuring better circulation in medical centers and avoiding long waiting hours to be attended by medical staff.

    You will find comfortable and modern vehicles with air conditioning, comfortable seats, and guided by responsible drivers and trained explicitly for transfers.

    If you need help getting into the vehicle or leaving the house, let us know, and our staff will help you with all the necessary steps so that you always feel comfortable.


  • Social Services

    In each medical center you can find ACCESS offices, where you can request the following services:

    • Part (B) reimbursement of MEDICARE
    • Food stamps
    • Temporary assistance in cash
    • Free cell phones
    • Low income housing
    • Citizenship procedures
    • Low income energy assistance
    • Case management
    • Plan 8
  • Wellness Center

    Independence, health, exercise, energy, entertainment, beauty treatments, celebrations, education, laughter, dance, games, friendship, and family.

    These are just some of the activities that await you at the wellness centers of Mercedes Medical Centers.


  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation

    Successful psychologist talking to her patient

    Psychosocial rehabilitation promotes personal recovery, successful community integration and satisfactory quality of life for people who have a mental illness or mental health concern.

    Our services include:

    • Group therapy
    • Individual therapy
    • Family concerns
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Panic attacks & social phobia
    • Mourning
    • Bipolar disorder
    • Schizophrenia

Each medical center has trained and trained primary care professionals in geriatric care for the elderly and disabled with Medicare.

Our primary doctors will guide and accompany them through their treatments, diagnostic studies, laboratory tests or if they require the support of any medical specialty.

General services include primary care, escorts every step of the way, doctor home visits, walk-in clinics, physical examinations, immunizations, vaccinations, peacemaker check, wound care and infiltrations.

You will feel at home when receiving the care of our doctors and specialists, always remember that with us, your health and well-being are guaranteed.

For more information, send us an Email

We will contact you within one business day.

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