• How can we whiten our teeth naturally?

    How can we whiten our teeth naturally?

    Sodium bicarbonate is very effective in whitening your teeth. However, you must be careful because, being an abrasive, used in excess can erode the enamel. The yellowish teeth cause an unattractive appearance and make us not too eager to smile. Many different factors can cause our teeth to turn yellow: smoking for many years, drinking

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  • Tuberculosis test

    Tuberculosis test

    What is tuberculosis? To know more about the tuberculosis test, we must first start knowing the disease. Tuberculosis (abbreviated TB or TB), alternatively and historically called tuberculosis, is a contagious bacterial infection that mainly affects the lungs, but can spread to other organs. The most important and representative bacterial species causing tuberculosis is Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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  • Consequences of badly healed injuries

    Consequences of badly healed injuries

    Curing injuries correctly and permanently is important for health. The badly healed injuries carry a series of consequences that are prolonged over time, requiring a greater amount of treatments and, therefore, dependence on health services, orthopedics or physiotherapy that can be extended indeterminately. What are the most recurrent injuries and their causes? Regarding errors in

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  • Ten foods that harm our health

    Ten foods that harm our health

    Our body depends on what we eat, and not all foods bring us benefits, as some are harmful to health. Do you know what these foods are and why should not you include them in your diet? 1. Sausages The sausages such as pork ham, “longaniza,” salami, and mortadella are foods with a high content

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  • What celebrates the United States on July 4?

    What celebrates the United States on July 4?

     Independence Day. In the spring of 1775, after more than a decade of turmoil against English policies, the 13 American colonies sent representatives to the first Continental Congress held in Philadelphia. After much debate about cutting ties with Britain, the representatives voted unanimously for independence on July 2, 1776. The next day, in a letter

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