• Can Older Adults Develop Food Allergies?

    Can Older Adults Develop Food Allergies?

    Most food allergies start in childhood, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Protect yourself by staying proactive and informed. Food allergies are a big topic among children and their parents, but they’re something that should be on your radar too. Today, nearly 15 million Americans have at least one food allergy. And according

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  • Is It Time for Physical Therapy?

    Is It Time for Physical Therapy?

    You stretch, you run, you lift, you exercise every day, yet something doesn’t feel quite right. Maybe it’s a nagging pain or stiffness in your joints that won’t go away. Whatever the problem, maybe it’s time to see a physical therapist. “We help with motion — whether that’s in sport, in activities, or at work,” says Mary

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  • The 13 Most Common Cancer Types

    The 13 Most Common Cancer Types

    Of over 200 different types of cancers that have been identified, the cancer diagnosed with the greatest frequency in the United States (excluding nonmelanoma skin cancers) is breast cancer. The next most common — ‘common’ being measured as 40,000 cases or more per year (2018) — are lung cancer and prostate cancer. The list of the 13 most common cancers, with

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  • What Causes High Cholesterol?

    What Causes High Cholesterol?

    The most common cause of high cholesterol is an unhealthy lifestyle. This can include: – Unhealthy eating habits, such as eating a lot of unhealthy fats. One type, saturated fat, is found in some meats, dairy products, chocolate, baked goods, and processed and fried foods. Another type, trans fat, is found in some fried and

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