• Rituals To Receive 2021

    Rituals To Receive 2021

    December 31: time to reflect on what happened in the last twelve months and, above all, to think of good resolutions for the year that is about to begin. Join the gym or start a diet, spend more time with the family, leave that job that makes us unhappy and bet on dedicating ourselves to

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  • Foods High In Cholesterol

    Foods High In Cholesterol

    Cholesterol is found in foods of animal origin such as egg yolk, liver, or beef. It is a type of fat present in the body, which is essential for the proper functioning of cells, as long as it is in adequate values, however, when the values ​​are raised they can be a threat to health.

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  • How can you help an elderly loved one during the holidays?

    How can you help an elderly loved one during the holidays?

    As a care giver or family member of a depressed older person, make it your responsibility to get involved. The elder person generally denies any problems or may fear being mentally ill, which can make it that much harder to know if the elder person is having any issues. You can help the elder person

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  • Generic Drugs: Questions And Answers

    Generic Drugs: Questions And Answers

    A generic drug is a drug created to be the same as a brand-name drug already on the market in terms of dosage, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics, and intended use. These similarities help demonstrate bioequivalence, which means that a generic drug works in the same way and provides the same clinical

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