• Five foods that improve your memory

    Five foods that improve your memory

    Give proper care to our brain, in addition to ensuring its proper functioning, will help us to have in shape the memory and even to prevent or delay possible degenerative processes such as Alzheimer’s. Here you have five essential foods to feed the brain and guarantee an elephant memory. Vegetables (green) Brussels sprouts, broccoli, or

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  • Flag Day

    Flag Day

    This Friday, June 14, is Flag Day in the United States. Although it is not a federal holiday, the day is dedicated to Americans recognizing the importance of the flag and its place in the history of the country. It was not always like that the flag. In its more than 240 years of history,

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  • Food that takes care of your kidneys

    Food that takes care of your kidneys

    If we take into account that the main function of the kidneys is the elimination of waste substances from the body through urine and that these are generated mainly from the food we eat every day, imagine how important is the diet to care these organs. And not only that, the main enemies of the

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