Benefits of socializing for the elderly

The benefits of socialization and the establishment of interpersonal relationships in the elderly are essential to avoid their social isolation and consequently improve their physical and emotional well-being.

In the Wellness Centers of Las Mercedes Clinic, the elderly can perform exercises that help them face the day with greater optimism, as well as develop activities and games that adapt to the physical and emotional needs of each person, always based on the interaction between people.

It has been shown that socialization in the elderly has favorable effects on pathologies such as joint pain, control of chronic diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and the prevention of pathologies of the psychosocial sphere such as depression, anxiety or worse.

The family must know these benefits for the elderly

The current pace of life of people makes it increasingly necessary to opt for services like those of our centers. It is common for the care of an elder to be complicated and generate a significant workload, both physical and emotional, which may end up having an impact on family relationships and the health of the different members of the house.

For the elderly, it is of great benefit to be in an environment exclusively designed for them, where socialization plays an essential role. When a person gets older, their activity is increasingly reduced to a family environment in which there is little contact with people who are in the same circumstances and needs.


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