• Good Health In Later Life For Older Men

    Good Health In Later Life For Older Men

    Americans are living longer than ever, but American men still aren’t living as long as American women. The average life expectancy for men in the US is now roughly 75 years. For women, it’s more than 80. Exactly why men are shorter-lived than women isn’t entirely clear. Even in infancy boys run a higher risk

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  • Kidney stones

    Kidney stones

    Your kidneys remove waste and fluids from your body to make urine. Sometimes when you have too much of some waste and not enough fluids in your blood, these wastes can accumulate in your kidneys. These waste bites are called kidney stones. There are four main types of kidney stones Calcium stones are the most

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  • Consequences of badly healed injuries

    Consequences of badly healed injuries

    Curing injuries correctly and permanently is important for health. The badly healed injuries carry a series of consequences that are prolonged over time, requiring a greater amount of treatments and, therefore, dependence on health services, orthopedics or physiotherapy that can be extended indeterminately. What are the most recurrent injuries and their causes? Regarding errors in

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  • Ten foods that harm our health

    Ten foods that harm our health

    Our body depends on what we eat, and not all foods bring us benefits, as some are harmful to health. Do you know what these foods are and why should not you include them in your diet? 1. Sausages The sausages such as pork ham, “longaniza,” salami, and mortadella are foods with a high content

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  • Five foods that improve your memory

    Five foods that improve your memory

    Give proper care to our brain, in addition to ensuring its proper functioning, will help us to have in shape the memory and even to prevent or delay possible degenerative processes such as Alzheimer’s. Here you have five essential foods to feed the brain and guarantee an elephant memory. Vegetables (green) Brussels sprouts, broccoli, or

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