Rituals To Receive 2021

December 31: time to reflect on what happened in the last twelve months and, above all, to think of good resolutions for the year that is about to begin.

Join the gym or start a diet, spend more time with the family, leave that job that makes us unhappy and bet on dedicating ourselves to what we always dream of …

Good intentions are important in order to achieve our goals in 2021, but … What if we give you extra help?

You probably know several rituals that claim to attract fortune and make it easy to start the year on the right foot: take 12 grapes at midnight, jump 7 waves, burn large dolls in the street …

And you, do you know other rituals? Tell us in the comments of this post.

The color of the underwear

Choosing the underwear that we will wear to ring in the new year may be more important than we think.

The most superstitious say that red underwear is what ensures love for the next year, while yellow is what will make us not short of money.

There are different theories as to whether the ritual is more effective if the underwear is given away or brand new, or even if it is only worn for that night.

Brand new clothes

In what tends to be the most consensus is the belief that wearing a piece of clothing on the last night of the year can bring luck in the future.

At least that’s what those who decide to wear something new that day believe, since it is said that this way you will be able to wear new clothes all year long and you will not lack money.

Or, for others, it is just another reason to buy a garment and be able to wear it at the long end of the year party.

Take out the suitcases

If your dream in the new year is to travel the world, the suitcase ritual is the right one for you.

After midnight, grab a large suitcase and go outside with it to go around the block where you live.

Those who believe in this ritual assure that the bigger the walk, the further you will travel in the year that begins. And they assure that carrying the passport inside the suitcase is important if you want to travel abroad.

Sweep away bad energies

Many people believe that doing a deep cleaning at home on December 31 and throwing away what no longer serves us helps so that all the good things multiply in the year that begins.

But especially the most superstitious believe that sweeping is the best ritual to keep bad vibes away from home.

The important thing, they say, is to sweep from inside the house towards the front door to expel all the negativity accumulated during the year. Some even throw the broom outside the house after cleaning.

Throw water

Also with the desire to get rid of bad vibes and cleanse the energy of the home, many people throw a glass of water out of the house.

Some claim that it guarantees happiness by “avoiding tears” during the new year.

And those who blindly believe in this ritual, in fact, do not settle for a glass and often throw a whole bucket of water out. Just in case.

Write a list of positive or negative things

Not only on the night of San Juan: the ritual of writing a list with past events or wishes for the future is also popular to start the new year.

There are those who previously write down all their wishes for the next 12 months on paper. At midnight, they open it in the hope that they will be fulfilled.

Others write down all the negative things they want to get rid of and burn the paper to ashes to start the year with optimism and renewed energy.

From: bbc.com

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