How can we whiten our teeth naturally?

Sodium bicarbonate is very effective in whitening your teeth. However, you must be careful because, being an abrasive, used in excess can erode the enamel.

The yellowish teeth cause an unattractive appearance and make us not too eager to smile.

Many different factors can cause our teeth to turn yellow: smoking for many years, drinking tea and coffee or drinking too many dark drinks. It may also be related to some diseases, so it is recommended to perform periodic medical check-ups.

In addition to the above causes, teeth can also be stained by the consumption of some medications, such as some antibiotics, or by eating fatty foods, berries, or food additives.

Tips to whiten our teeth

Strawberry pulp

This is a fairly simple procedure to perform. Only a small amount of strawberry pulp should be taken and rubbed on the teeth for about five minutes. Afterward, you can rinse your mouth very well and floss to remove some seeds that have remained between the teeth.

Strawberries are rich in xylitol, a substance that protects against bacteria and helps to remineralize our teeth.

Sodium bicarbonate

Bicarbonate is a mild abrasive agent that can help us whiten our teeth.

To whiten with baking soda, you should apply some of this powder on the brush and rub your teeth or add a little on the toothpaste you use regularly.

Lemon juice

In this case, the agent that will help us whiten our teeth is citric acid.

To whiten the teeth with lemon you have to prepare a paste with a little salt and lemon juice, you can also change the salt with baking soda. It is important to rub the teeth very well with this paste and then rinse the mouth with plenty of cold water.

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural bleach since it helps to balance the pH and get the teeth clear.

Whitening based on apple cider vinegar is prepared by mixing a bit of apple cider vinegar with baking soda to form a thick paste. With it, you should brush your teeth very well, and then rinse with plenty of fresh water.

Orange peel and bay leaves

This is a very effective method, although little known, to whiten teeth. To do this, some orange peels must be crushed with bay leaves; then the teeth are rubbed with this mixture trying to reach all the places. Next, it should be rinsed very well with fresh water.

Tricks that keep white teeth

  • Try to chew apples, celery, carrots, and broccoli regularly.
  • You should brush your teeth frequently, at least three times during the day.
  • Try to avoid dark refreshments and smoking. If you drink any of these drinks you should brush or, at least, rinse yourself immediately after doing so to prevent the teeth from staining.

NOTE: It is recommended not to abuse these tips since their excessive application (especially lemon and baking soda) can have the opposite effect. Please, do everything with caution and without excesses! Similarly, we recommend that you visit the dentist for more specialized treatment.


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