Consequences of badly healed injuries

Curing injuries correctly and permanently is important for health. The badly healed injuries carry a series of consequences that are prolonged over time, requiring a greater amount of treatments and, therefore, dependence on health services, orthopedics or physiotherapy that can be extended indeterminately.

What are the most recurrent injuries and their causes?

Regarding errors in treatment due to the poor application, absence of it, or cessation of this by the user, are those that are related to the field of trauma. Problems in tendons and ligaments associated with overload due to excessive or sudden stress accompany joint injuries in the shoulders, ankles, knees, and elbows. Sprains in different areas are also especially present, as well as sports injuries of a specific nature that require the intervention of highly specialized and highly qualified doctors.

As added causes to those that have been mentioned before, it is necessary to highlight the trivialization of pain and injury by the patient, as well as the incorrect practice of sports without prior muscle and joint preparation or the necessary physical condition.

How to avoid problems in the recovery of an injury?

First of all, it is essential to comply with the indications offered by the doctor and follow the treatment firmly and constantly. On the other hand, before a cessation in the improvement, it is important to inform the doctor that no progress is being made to take the necessary measures and, if required, change the treatment to be followed.

Do not hesitate to ask to be taken care of. It is a very common procedure to review and find the best treatment for the specific ailment that is suffered. In Clínica Las Mercedes, we currently have a great facility of access to highly trusted and prestigious doctors, as well as specialists and physical therapists that will help you to heal your injuries and reduce your pain.

Finally, it is convenient to keep track of the injured area for a certain length of time, even after recovery, to avoid a new injury that can become chronic.


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