ACCESS Services

The Department of Children and Families has an Automated Connection for Economic Self-Sufficiency program (ACCESS), which helps to promote strong and economically self-sufficient communities by providing food, cash, and medical assistance to individuals and families on the way to economic recovery.

Access Florida Assistance Programs.

  • Complementary Nutrition Assistance (SNAP).

The Food Assistance Program helps people and families buy the nutritional foods necessary to maintain and promote good health.

  • Medical Assistance Program.

The Medicaid Program provides medical assistance to individuals and families to cover or assist in the cost of medically necessary services.

  • Temporary Cash Assistance for families with children (TANF).

The Temporary Cash Assistance program provides financial assistance to pregnant women in their third trimester and to families with dependent children to help them pay rent, utilities, and other household expenses.

  • Federal Poster Against Discrimination
  • Family Nutrition Program (SNAP Ed)

At the partner agencies of the local community, they help the Department of Children and Families to provide access to public assistance services.

In each location of Las Mercedes Medical Center, you can find Access offices, where you can request the services of:

  • Reimbursement part (B) of Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Food stamps
  • Temporary cash assistance
  • Free cell phones

You can request assistance from any computer with an Internet connection at or at one of our community partner offices. You can also complete a paper application that can be sent by mail or fax.

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